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What NOT To Do When Selling Your Islamorada Home

Team Walters November 28, 2022

What NOT To Do When Selling Your Islamorada Home

When it comes to selling a home, the process is full of complexity. You’ll need to prepare and list the house, make potential repairs, find a buyer, negotiate the deal, pack, and move. None of this has to be complicated or cause stress, though! A vital part of this process involves understanding and anticipating problems before they happen. Doing this ensures a smooth process with minimal stress and maximum profit.

Anticipating those problems and being prepared to tackle them is where we enter the picture. Walters Realty Group has put together several factors you’ll want to avoid when selling your Islamorada home.

Listing at the wrong price

A critical factor in selling any home is the sales price. What you’d like to earn from your home and what you actually will be very different. A home priced too high from the beginning will spend more time on the market and get less interest, making it less appealing to potential buyers. Having an impeccable agent knowledgeable in Islamorada real estate by your side will help you price your home correctly from the start and ensure this doesn’t happen.

A few factors need to be considered when pricing a home. Fair market value means both parties understand the current market and know the property in question. Using this will help you determine an excellent position to place the price, so it doesn’t sit on the market unnecessarily long. There are also comparative market analyses, allowing your agent to know what homes of similar size and features have sold nearby. Trust your agent to determine the price based on their knowledge of the market and comparables, and you’ll do well.

Not preparing or staging the home

Several factors in preparing a home can make a massive difference in the sale. Not doing a thorough cleaning and decluttering, not staging it to highlight special features, and forgetting the curb appeal can be vital mistakes in this process. When preparing your home for sale, consider these essential factors:
  • Cleaning. Start the process with a deep cleaning that ensures you cover everything from the baseboards to the ceiling. Hiring a cleaning company is a great way to tackle this process, as they will ensure everything is taken care of and get those forgotten spaces. A clean home will be easier to maintain as well.
  • Remove anything unnecessary, like photos, knick-knacks, children’s toys, and pet bedding. This process offers a blank slate so buyers can visualize themselves in the home.
  • Repaint the home, if necessary, in neutral shades that balance the furniture and accents.
  • Make minor upgrades and repairs. Clean or replace the carpeting, add new drapes or remove them, and update light fixtures and outlets as needed.
  • Focus on natural light. Natural light in a home can create a warm and welcoming feeling, which will help your home stand out.
  • Curb appeal. A home’s first impression is critical because it’s the first thing a buyer will notice when they arrive. Improve the curb appeal with a fresh coat of paint, flowers, landscaping, outdoor lighting, and a tidy yard.
Take everything a step further by having the home professionally staged. A quality staging company will know the area and have knowledge of luxury properties and how to stage them for the correct buyers. Even if you’ve done the decluttering and deep cleaning, staging the home with furniture and accents to highlight special features will help make it more appealing. Additionally, data shows that staging the home can maximize profits by as much as 20% more than if it weren’t staged.

Ignoring minor maintenance and repairs

Purchasing a home with a long list of maintenance and repairs can turn potential buyers off. They expect the home’s condition to make the description, neighborhood, and price point. Glaring issues during inspections will not be suitable for anyone, so tackling things that are likely to arise is a great choice. Everyday items that come up involve broken tiles, missing roof shingles, non-working fixtures, and something that affects the safety and structure of the home. Anything significant should be addressed first, followed by anything in poor condition, such as carpeting or flooring.

It’s unnecessary to renovate a home unless glaring repairs must be made. In that case, hiring a home contractor will simplify the process and ensure you get an excellent return on your investment.

Only considering the highest offer

The highest offer may seem the best, and many sellers believe this, but that’s not always true. Some offers have contingencies that must be satisfied for the sale to close, which protects the buyer’s interest. These can include financing and inspection contingencies. These contingencies can impact how long the sale takes, whether it closes and whether you spend more money. The lower bid might mean you won’t have to take on a significant renovation because the buyer has agreed. This will save money for the seller in the long run. Work with your agent to consider all offers and make the best choice for you.

Not hiring an agent

Though last on the list, a real estate agent is the first thing you should consider during this process. Although it's possible to sell a home by owner, having an agent who knows the market and has your best interests at heart will go a long way in simplifying the process. You can find an excellent agent by looking at various agents in the area and comparing their statistics. This means looking at their past clients, licensing and credentials, accolades, recently sold homes and any information that helps you understand who they are. Further this process by looking at their social media and websites and talking to neighbors and friends that may have recommendations.

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