How to Stage a Home for an Open House From a Leading Tavernier Realtor

Team Walters September 19, 2022

How to Stage a Home for an Open House From a Leading Tavernier Realtor

You want to get the most out of your home, and properly staging your home can put money in your pocket. In 2022, 85% of staged homes sold for 5% to 23% higher than the list price. The advantage of this process is clear, so here’s everything you need to know about the importance of staging your home.

Make a grand first impression with magnificent decor

When buyers are intrigued by the stunning Tavernier Waterfront homes for sale, it’s essential to capture their attention immediately. Place stimulating accents around the home's exterior so they are yearning for more. Be sure the landscaping is superior. If living within a tropical climate, emphasize the lustrous palm trees with a colorful stone lawn. Some tasteful sculptures such as a copper lighthouse, pottery, or birdbath, would be appealing. If necessary, hire a painter to give the home a newfound glow.

Outdoor seating areas should be complete with furniture. While beachfront properties are acceptably relaxed, posh neighborhoods should have patio furniture that is cushioned and in perfect condition. Placing a small succulent plant or cactus in the middle of the table would be a friendly touch. Buyers are seeking a place to make happy memories, so help them feel that your home is a jubilant one.

Less is more when creating an inviting space

Being a minimalist comes in handy here. This approach to interior design reduces sensory overload and is more than just having fewer belongings. Simplicity is the key, along with considering quality over quantity. Some of the minimalist practices are employing neutral colors throughout your home, decorating with just a few accents, and furnishing with just the essential pieces. Adopting these principles will free up space for activity and relaxation. During an open house, buyers examine every corner to decide if they could make it feel like theirs. Allow them to do just that!

Spruce up your home by tidying up and decluttering

Simple is best when it comes to beautifying your home. Sort through cabinets and closets to see what items could be gifted to charity. If the rooms are full of memorabilia and knick-knacks, pack them away and store them. These objects mark a house as a home, but you want buyers to start identifying themselves with the place. Having fewer objects spread about will make the house look larger.

Once the house is neat with spaces opened up, give everything a good scrub and sweep. An orderly and immaculate home feels welcoming. Make the appliances spotless and the bathroom sparkle. Those who stop by for your open house will immediately be drawn to the freshness and sparkle of a newly cleaned home.

Add glowing illumination to make your home shine

Installing new lighting fixtures will create a dazzling perspective of your house. Potential buyers will see the home from a new perspective. It’s best to replace old lighting with new ones, as they can indicate the home's age. A brilliant chandelier hanging from the ceiling might come with countless crystals. Your walls will be covered with tiny rainbows cast by these prisms. A stately floor lamp will give the impression of status. Wall sconces are a dignified touch. Updating the lighting fixtures is a fast and easy way to make the entire room feel more modern.

Furniture is an essential accent

Another aspect of staging is what and how you furnish your house. Keeping with the minimalist style, choose the important furniture and then donate or store the rest. If you have brand new elegant furniture, decorate around it to draw attention to it. Add some paintings in neutral or calm colors above the designer couch. Art with a view of the local bay would be inspiring and add warmth. Touch up a gorgeous end table with just one plant or antique figurine. The sturdy coffee table can use a trendy nautical read next to an artistic coaster. Emphasize fashionable pieces that add allure to the home.

If you have outmoded furniture, acquiring new might be appropriate. Renting furniture is a clever idea since you’ll be moving out soon. To choose the right style, think about what fits within the home. If it’s one of the impressive Tavernier houses for sale, you want to select elements that fit the beachfront lifestyle. A great brand is Tommy Bahama, whose products are known to be leisurely yet sophisticated.

Space is everything, so be sure to get furnishings that are the right fit for each room. A couch that is a foot too long will make the living room seem cramped, while a night table that is too tiny can make a bedroom seem bare. Phone applications through Houzz or Wayfair can let you visualize how a piece might look virtually. Even tile can be experimented with by simply drawing a border and indicating for a 3D tool. Be certain improvements measure up to your standards.

Use virtual staging for inspiration

Internet tools have helped to make the Tavernier real estate market increasingly vigorous. Online listings generate more traffic than a realtor’s yard sign. The latest exciting new tactic is  Virtual Staging, where professionals can redesign your home after you upload photos. Users can select digital furniture from the site’s library and experienced 3D CAD artists. The finished products can be used as inspiration for your physical staging project or within a real estate listing. This online apparatus might be an early step in your selling process.

For assistance with staging and to see why Tavernier houses for sale are in such high demand, dash over to Team Walters today! Gloria Walters is a distinguished realtor whose properties are presented in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and The New York Times. Her team is proud to be part of Ocean Sotheby's International Realty.

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